On July 5 Alton Sterling was murdered by the Baton Rouge police. Alton was a Baton Rouge native, father and husband. And he was murdered in cold blood for nothing. Since that day Alton's family, friends and neighbors have been filling the streets and calling for justice. Over 101 of these brave people have been arrested. We, the New Orleans Comic and Zine Festival organizers, stand in solidarity and love with Alton, his loved ones and all those calling out for justice and struggling to end racism in America, and all people touched by police violence.

NOCAZ is not just about comics or zines. NOCAZ is about people. We love New Orleans, Lousiana and the people in it. Our community is amazing. We also know that not everyone in this city, state, and country have access to all the privileges that others have. Some people are never safe no matter how law abiding. Not everyone can drive home, go to the store, visit their friends, or sell CDs at the corner store without fearing for their life.  We are against this.  We are committed to doing our part as a little comic and zine festival, and as individuals that live here and love it, to fight for the freedom of all people. Everyone can contribute to fighting the systematic oppresion that contributes to the victimization of black people in our state and our country.  Our thoughts go out especially to the loved one's of Philando Castile from Saint Paul, Minnesota and Jai "Jerry" Williams from Asheville, North Carolina. These men were also murdered by the police within days of Alton's death.



These funding campaigns are only a few that we are currently aware of. Consider donating even just a few dollars to help these families cover the costs of autopsies, funerals, counseling, and softening the financial blow of raising children.

But this is not all that needs to be done.  Even if you are not able to join us in the streets, you can still support this movement. Please educate yourself, talk to your friends, stay alert, and never stop talking to one another about the suffering of these families.  

BATON ROUGE BAIL FUND - This is a bail fund for protesters arrested in Baton Rouge on 7/9 and onwards. Created by the Louisiana National Lawyers Guild

ALTON STERLING SCHOLARSHIP FUND-If you feel helpless, but want to play a small part in easing the burden of #AltonSterling's family, consider donating to this scholarship fund for his 15-year-old son (and his other kids). *ALL* funds raised will go to Alton Sterling's family. 

JUSTICE FOR JERRY "JAI" WILLIAMS- Our beloved son, father, brother, cousin, uncle, and friend left this earth on July 2nd at the hands of officer Tyler Radford of the Asheville Police Department.  Although the investigation is still developing, there is adequate information to allude to an act of injustice being committed.

FUND FOR PHILANDO CASTILE'S FAMILY- July 6th 2016 my brother was gunned down by Saint Anthony police for no reason all while his fiancé and 4 year old step daughter in the vehicle . Click here to support his family.

SUPPORT FOR LAVISH AND DAE DAE REYNOLDS- My name is Verquisha Powers, and I have known both Diamond 'Lavish' Reynolds and her boyfriend Philando for close to 10 years. I started this page to help raise funds for my friend and her daughter's future.