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NOCAZ is not an explicitly political event. But we want you to know that we are creating a space that supports people and movements that are resisting oppression and injustice in this world. We also want to foster an environment that portrays race, gender, class, and variety of heritage as a positive thing! Please don't bring any racism, classicism, sexism, shame, or judgement into our space!

We also love satire, and cynical humor and understand that there is a very blurry line that defines those things. So if you aren't sure if your content has crossed the line, just ask us!


We provide tables free of charge to residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama. There is a 10-30 dollar sliding scale table fee for accepted out of state exhibitors. 

NOCAZ FEST provides free tables to all Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama residents because we feel that it is vitally important to provide a accessible arts event to our neighbors in the deep South. If you are in need of financial support, please feel free to submit yourself to our scholarship program.

The NOCAZ Collective hosts various free arts and literacy event throughout the year in addition to our annual festival, all on a shoe string budget. If you can put a couple extra shells in the jar, we'd be super grateful.

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TUMBLR, deviantart, and official portfolios welcome! This will go next to your name on all exhibitor promotional material.
Just a short description (about three or four sentences), include a description of what you'll be exhibiting.
If you don't have an online presents and would like to show us your work some other way just let us know in the box below.
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Space is limited, and we prefer that folks stick to a half table. If you need a whole table, please let us know! We can't guarantee that we can grant your request, but we will try!
We won't be able to grant every full table request- so please give us a little info on why your material needs a full table! For example: "My comics are two feet wide" or "I plan on lying on the table as a performance piece" (we might not grant you that one)
Is your content kid-friendly? *
Being at the public library means that we are open for all kinds of people to walk in and enjoy our comics and zines... including kids! We will be making a kid-friendly content map for parents and guardians. Would you welcome kids to look at your content?
Are you interested in a scholarship? *
If we can afford it, we are going to try to provide scholarship to traveling artists and zinesters! Are you interested in applying?
Give us a little bit of information about why a scholarship would be useful for you.The amount of money that we will be able to provide for our scholarships in 2016 is still TBA, but we will let our scholarship applicants know ASAP when these details are more concrete In the past we've been able to award between 100-200 dollars.
We are going to do our best to provide some food or snacks or to help you locate cheap options. Do you have any food needs that we should know about? (gluten-free? vegan?)
Sometimes people want to sit next to other zinesters... do you? For example, when the NOCAZ organizers go to fests we try to sit next to each other so we can promote together! Please let us know why, we will do our best to accommodate you!