This year, we are collaborating with Press Street Gallery to publish a youth anthology for this year's NOCAZ festival! We are accepting writing, comics, poetry, self portraits, and mixed media! There is no fee to participate, and all young people ages 18 and under are welcome to participate. All participants will receive printed copies of the anthology, as well as an equal share of the profits made from our efforts to sell the anthology. Here are some examples of great art and writing we've gotten from young people in past workshops and printed zines we've done before! 



1. Your submission must be on a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. This is the size of a piece of standard printer paper. If you need ideas, we have some blank comic book pages you can print out to help you draw and get ideas! We accept color images but please be aware that our book will be printed in black and white. 

2. You must fill out our Contact form.  Ideally, we want you to come to the festival and pick up your books! But if we don't see you, we want to make sure we mail you your copies! We also want to make sure we mail you your share of the book profits! Probably it'll only be a couple of bucks, but that's still pretty cool!


There are two ways to submit!

1. You can submit in person at any New Orleans Library! Just print out the forms you need, and bring the art and writing to the main desk of any of the 14 libraries! At each front desk you will find a friendly cardboard box with the NOCAZ logo on it. There will be contact forms,  They will even have the contact forms printed out for you in case you are having trouble printing them out yourself. It's all attached to the brightly decorated NOCAZ box. 

2. You can fill out our submission form online! (CLICK HERE TO DO SO) This would require you to have scanned the art that you are submitting and then e-mail it to us. If you have done this, please make sure that your artwork is at 300 DPI or more. Feel free to call or e-mail with quetions. (407) 719-7451,


Click here to print out the submission form

Click here to print out a 6 panel blank comic page

Click here to print out a 12 panel blank comic page


That's okay! Call us! (407) 719-7451

or you can e-mail us!