writing and drawing workshops!

we have four workshops this october! join us and get geared up for the fest!

We've booked FOUR workshops at four of our amazing library branches here in the Crescent city! All of our workshops are hands-on, laugh out loud, and completely FREE! The point of our workshops is to inspire the latent creativity that you have inside of the genius brain that you were both with! Join us for a great time that will inspire you to begin your own writing and drawing projects!

  1. October 13th- Central City Library (GUYS ONLY)
  2. October 15th- Alvar Branch Library
  3. October 20th- Martin Luther King Library
  4. October 22nd- Algiers Regional Library

If you'd like the FULL OVERVIEW of our events this October, feel free to visit the EVENTS page on our FACEBOOK profile! It's quite handy.